Lebedeva M.P. 1, Durkin P.K. 1

1. Northern (Arctic) Federal University


The question of the great state importance about the formation of a healthy way of life of the inhabitants in Russia is raised in the article. The existence in the years of the Soviet power the system of G.T.O. and the mass starts of not trained people didnt justify itself. From the adults who came through this system only 1-2% go in for physical culture and sports now. Authors expound some theoretical positions and suggest practical recommendations which in making healthier people. They suggest the conception individual physical culture which includes lessons of well-known kids of sports and also traditional systems of physical exercises. They also explain their importance in bringing up motive needed component in the physical culture and sports activity. Psychological nature of the process of bringing up motivation and interest to studies, stages of its development and the formation are expounded. In the article it is shown to which kinds of sports and systems of physical exercises the interest of schoolchildren and students is often formed. Systematic study of motivation and interest to the studies of physical culture and sports is the most important condition of bringing up of individual physical culture of a person. And while there are no conditions for the realization formed purpose aimed interests there will no be the basis of the healthy way of life. Inner motivation and interests of a person to the definite kids of physical culture and sports activities depend not only on theoretical knowledge of moving abilities and skills which one can acquire in the sufficient capacity easily but from many biological, physiological, constitutional, psychological peculiarities, from the type of the nervous system, temperament which nobody can change, they are formed by the genetic nature.

Keywords: a healthy way of life, theoretical positions, practical recommendations, motivation and interest, individual physical culture