Kabrinskaya E.A. 1

1. Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M. V. Lomonosov, Arkhangelsk, Russia


In this article, sound art is understood as a certain kind of interdisciplinary art, the material of which is sound. The precise definition of sound art, as well as the question of the distinction between sound art and music, are a certain methodological problem, which is solved differently by different researchers. It is not quite correct to refer sound art to media art, as many works in this art form are not technologically oriented. The paper presents the views of foreign authors on the distinction between sound art and sound art. The main stages of the term "sound art" origin are also considered and some sound art projects are presented. The development of information computer technology has allowed to create new electronic sounds and transform existing natural and artificial sounds. There is a point of view that this has led to a situation in which music is replaced by sound art. However, there is an opinion that there is a certain border between music and sound art. After all, usually the object of sound art is an audiovisual installation that represents modern culture with the mixing of many kinds of art and the use of computer technology. And the music doesn´t include a visual component. This distinguishes it from sound art.

Keywords: sound-art, audio art, sound-artist, specific music, sound sculpture